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Electric boats for a new generation

About forza x1

The Forza X1 mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable recreational boating by creating stylish and affordable electric boats.

We are developing a fully integrated electric boat that is elegant, affordable, and ready to ride.

We are committed to the notion that affordable and stylish electric boats that do not harm the ecosystem is the future of recreational boating.


The Forza X1 mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable recreational boating by creating stylish and affordable electric boats for mass appeal. We believe that marine electrification is the future of recreational boating.

Our Vision

The Power of Quiet

So often traditional powerboats create large amounts of noise, which disturbs wildlife and makes it difficult for passengers to hear one another while underway. Forza X1 boats are quiet, making it easier to enjoy the sounds of nature, family, and friends. You might even be able to find some good fishing without the fear of engine noise scaring those fish away.

Direct to Consumers

Forza X1 will operate fundamentally differently from other marine manufacturers with our digital-first strategy. Through dedicated web and app-based platforms for sales, deliveries, and service operations, we’ve developed a direct-to-consumer model that allows our customers to experience the ease and flexibility of boat buying from the comfort of their homes. Our integrated strategy will be both convenient and transparent for our customers, and it will be able to easily scale to support our growth.

Power of Change

Industries are constantly adapting and evolving. As electric vehicles continue to make strides, it is time for marine manufacturers to join the conversation around necessary next steps for the boating industry so that we all can continue to enjoy getting out on the water and keep it clean. Forza X1’s mission is to engineer and design a more viable solution to loud, toxic powerboats. It is the power of innovation and developing new technologies that will allow us to lead this change for the industry.

Team Power

Forza X1’s founders have been designing and building boats for over 25 years. Our manufacturing knowledge is further enhanced by professionals with industry-leading skills in electrical engineering and software and controls. Engineered for oceans, lakes, rivers, and other waterways, Forza X1 boats are machine-tooled and assembled by hand by an experienced team of innovators and craftsmen.


Dynamic controls at your fingertips

Join the revolution

Due to popular demand we are expecting to fill all available reservations within a brief period of time.
$100 refundable reservation for the boat.


modern and stylish


While Forza X1 is incorporating the latest EV technology into our boats, you know you’re still getting a boat that will handle well and go where you need to go.

Forza X1 boats are modern and stylish, designed by boaters for boaters.


Pod Controller
360 Degree Rotating lower unite, carbon fiber, 22 inch touch screen


Made with lightweight , and UV stable fabrics


Infusion technology


The Forza X1 outboard motor will utilize development framework that designed to ensure a high focus on quality.

Forza X1 has completed the design phase of its outboard motor and is now developing and preparing to manufacture it to power Forza X1’s new 24-foot FX1 boat.

50% of the price
Takes a battery

These batteries will integrate the next generation of battery technologies, with highly efficient thermal management systems, next generation battery management systems, and some of the highest volumetric and gravimetric pack energy densities on the market that can interface with CCS fast chargers.

The FX1 Battery

Forza X1 will utilize the T350-50 battery pack, a highly flexible and modular battery that can be scaled in series or in parallel.

The battery packs are based on the world-class 2170 cylindrical cells and have the highest energy density solution in the market with approximately 200 Wh/kg. The Proliance T350-50 also allows for advanced monitoring and diagnostic reporting. Additionally, there is a highly efficient, liquid cooled thermal management system and the sealed enclosures are IP65, which eliminates potential for debris and weather to get inside the battery pack.


How much run time will the system provide?

The run time will depend on how you use the system.  Typical boating use provides about 2-3 hours not including reserved capacity for returning to the dock.  It is important to understand that the longevity of the battery depends on several things: your speed, the weight on board and the number of passengers on board.

How long does it take to charge the system?

If the battery is completely discharged:

AC: 10 hours onboard charger at 240 V/ 50 A
DC: 4 hours on 25 kW electric vehicle charger
Supercharge: 1.5 hours at 80 kW

In many instances, depending on how long the boat has been on the waster, the battery will not be completely empty, and therefore will take less time to recharge. The procedure is very simple and easy to follow.

How do you recharge the battery of an electric boat?

No special plugs are required.  You can recharge your battery by simply plugging the power cord into a 110 or 220-volt outlet at home, any marina or your personal dock.

You can also utilize commercially available electric vehicle chargers for faster recharge times.

How much does it cost to charge the battery pack?

Approximately $12 based on current national average rate.

Is the electric drive system integrated into the helm?

Yes, the system is fully integrated, and the user experience is designed to feel similar to its gas counterpart.

Does the boat require a lot of maintenance?

The system has 90% fewer moving parts and requires minimal maintenance.

Electric engines require less maintenance since they have significantly less moving parts then traditional combustion engines. Our E-Motion 180E Outboard engine will save time, money thus allowing our clients to enjoy more time boating. Boaters will definitely appreciate that our E-Motion 180E does not require: gasket changes, oil changes, carburetor cleaning, rebuilds and maintenance schedule.

What is the lifecycle of the battery?

When used correctly, the battery is designed for thousands of cycles which equates to five to ten years of recreational use.

What are the advantages of an electric boat?

Electric motors are environmentally friendly.  They emit no pollutants or greenhouse gases and are silent.  Electric boats require little maintenance because the electric motor has very few moving parts.  It is therefore subject to far fewer operating constraints and has a longer service life.  Additionally, the cost of electricity is considerably lower than the cost of traditional gas engines. Their use costs almost nothing.

Our electric boat will provide an unparalleled boating experience and provide the captain with more responsiveness compared to gas-powered boats.

Is the electric boat safe to operate?

Yes, safety is Forza X1’s top priority.  Our electric boat’s system monitors itself and will automatically enter into a safe state if necessary.

Are water sports possible with an electric boat?

It is definitely possible to practice all your favorite sports at the back of the boat, such as water skiing. We urge you to consult all applicable nautical regulations in order to practice your favorite leisure activities in complete safety.

Can an electric boat go in salt water?

Forza X1’s electric boat can navigate in salt water from oceans and seas, and fresh water from lakes, rivers and canals. The design of these boats is entirely designed to offer you the same possibilities as a gas-powered boat and even more.

How much does an electric boat weigh?

Refer to the technical data sheets of each boat.  Forza X1 boats are all easily transportable with a simple launching trailer.

Where can I customize my electric boat?

When you order your Forza X1 boat from us, you will have of options available to customize your boat!

Where can I find and purchase Forza X1 electric boats?

Our products are made in Fort Pierce, Florida, but we deliver all over the world. No matter where you are, we will deliver your custom electric boat.

What is the size and type of boats you recommend for the Forza X1 outboard motor?

The Forza X1 outboard motor can currently be fitted to Forza X1’s 24-foot Center Console and 24-Foot Dual Console.

What is the estimated range of the Forza X1 electric boat?

Our estimated range is 70 miles at a cruising speed of 20 mph or 3.5 hours.  These factors depend on things like: the amount of passengers, weather conditions, load, and propeller.  Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.

When will the Forza X1 electric boat be available?

The first production units will be available for delivery in Q1 of 2023 and will be delivered based on reservation number (first come first served).

What is included in the electric powertrain for my Forza X1 electric boat?

The engine, battery pack, BMS (Battery management system), charger, monitor, throttle controls and all the other components needed to power your boat are included.

Is there a warranty on the Forza X1 electric boat?

A limited 2-year warranty is offered on our electric boats.

New forza



Forza XI is developing a brand-new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in McDowell County, North Carolina. The 100,000 square foot facility will be a dedicated Lean Manufacturing factory designed to incorporate closed-molded composite boat building technologies and electric engine assembly processes

Multiple technologies are expected to be employed incrementally as volume and throughput needs increase, including 3D printing, robotic gel-coating and cutting, and ergonomically designed material handling equipment

Forza X1 intends for the planned manufacturing facility to be better equipped to meet future demand for Forza X1’s boats by increasing production capacity and streamlining the manufacturing process.

100,000 sq.ft
Total site area

Forza X1, Inc. has established an in-depth budget that lays out all of the potential costs associated with building its 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

Factory Includes
  • An engineering design and tooling center
  • Specialized gel coat and fiberglass booths
  • Vacuum systems for closed molding infusion processes
  • CNC routers and cutters
  • Dedicated machine shop and assembly area for electric engines, wire harnesses


Limited Reservations
Experience the power of sustainable boating
Promoting clean
on-water adventures